What We Do

Creating a successful product extends far beyond the drawing board. Commercially viable products are the result of hours of research and analysis, design evolution, prototyping, and testing, all of which take place before a carefully constructed development and manufacturing plan is set into motion. The best products are made with a deep and detailed understanding of the consumer’s needs and the product creation process.

Momentum R&D has over 25 years of experience navigating the complexities of product innovation. Our end-to-end product development process takes you from product conception to commercialization. We overcome the challenges of globally dispersed research, technology, customers and supply chains to give you the best possible outcome for a commercially feasible product. From ideation to manufacturing, we put our expertise to work creating a seamless custom solution for your business.

“Innovation is change that unlocks new Value”

Jamie Notter


Our Services

& Strategy

Momentum puts the power of research to work for you. We analyze your customer and the market to identify opportunities and generate ideas. We determine the needs of your target audience, survey the competition, and derive insights that define the product. Feasibility studies help ensure your product is viable before you ever go to market. Let Momentum R&D develop the right innovation strategy for your business. 

Technology Mining Research
Competitive Landscape
R & D Roadmap
Targeted Consumer Analysis
Feasibility Studies

Product Creation

Think of us as your innovation lab partner. Our real-world product concepts incorporate the latest in academic research and technological advancement. From design and engineering to iterative prototyping, we work closely with you on all stages of product development to make sure our solutions are a perfect fit. Our rigorous testing and refinements ensure we satisfy your customer’s needs.

Concept Ideation
Prototyping Development
Fit Engineering
Commercialized Samples

Advanced Materials

Momentum R&D brings cutting-edge research, technology, materials and insight to any stage of your product design and production process. Develop and gain access to smart materials. Explore new textures and finishes. Benefit from the latest materials and applications thanks to our network of allies in technology and academia.

Yarn Development
Fabric Development
Fabric Modification Processes
Performance Treatments and Finishes




Making It

We act as a bridge between separate ideas, technologies, vendors and timelines to build a you a seamless production process. We carefully plan and execute your innovation process from ideation to commercialization, taking a holistic view and offering customized, end-to-end solutions. We work with a wide network of global partners, allowing us to pair you with the ideal manufacturer for your needs.

Textile, Trim, and Componentry Sourcing
Custom Supply Chain Creation
Technology to Market Stewardship
Strategic Partnerships